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Cerb (8.1.3) is a maintenance update released on September 27, 2017. It includes 13 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 8.1 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [UI/Aesthetics] CSS3 fixes for fieldsets in Safari 11.

  • [Platform] Implemented DevblocksPlatform::strBitsToInt() for converting bits (e.g. ‘32 bits’, ‘4 bytes’) into an integer value. This takes into account PHP_INT_MAX on 32-bit systems.

  • [Platform/Validation] Fixed an issue with field validation on 32-bit systems.

  • [API] In the API, fixed an issue with paging search results when using a quick search query to add filters.

  • [Cards/Tickets] When opening a card for a non-existent ticket (e.g. previously deleted), a proper error message is now displayed.

  • [Bots/Mail] In bots, fixed an issue with the ‘Send email’ action when using placeholders like ‘Ticket Group’ or ‘Ticket Bucket’ as the ‘From:’ field.

  • [Bots/Mail] In bots, when using the ‘Send email’ action, a new ‘Also send email in simulator’ option is available. This makes it easier to test bot behaviors with live email.

  • [Custom Fieldsets] Fixed an issue on custom fieldsets where the owner name in the label could be double escaped if it contained special characters (including quotes and apostrophes).

  • [Snippets/Mail] Fixed an issue with snippets. The usage counter wasn’t incrementing properly when snippets were pasted.

  • [Roles/Orgs] Fixed an issue with the permission to create organization records.

  • [Tasks/Subtotals] Fixed an issue with subtotals on task worklists. When clicked, the ‘status’ subtotals weren’t adding filters properly.

  • [Mail/Tickets] Fixed an issue with the participant exclusion option on tickets. This was matching substrings by default, so someuser@example was also excluded if user@example was – even without wildcards. This now does exact matches by default.

  • [Mail/Compose] When composing a message, the ‘Reopen at’ field now supports calendar input, and automatically normalizes relative dates (e.g. +2 hours or next Monday noon). This was already happening on reply and card editors, but not on compose.