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Cerb (8.1.6) is a maintenance update released on October 23, 2017. It includes 10 fixes and minor features from community feedback covering the 8.1 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Bots/Scripts] In bot scripting, implemented a new |context_name() filter for converting context IDs (e.g. cerberusweb.contexts.ticket) to human-friendly labels (e.g. ticket, tickets). An optional argument can specify singular or plural, with the latter being the default.

  • [Bots/Interactions] Fixed an issue with bot interactions. The ‘Conversation get interactions for worker’ event wasn’t populating the worker_ placeholders properly.

  • [API/Tasks] In the API, creating and updating tasks can now set the reopen_at field for tasks in the waiting status.

  • [Packages] When importing a package, the entire server-side cache is now flushed.

  • [Mail/Filtering] In bots, with mail filtering behaviors, changes to the From: header are now reflected in the behavior’s dictionary. Previously, a header like From: <> couldn’t be fixed using a bot mail filter because the message was rejected before the filters ran.

  • [Mail/Filtering] In bots, with mail filtering behaviors, when the In-Reply-To: or References: headers are modified the model is updated to reflect the new ‘Parent ticket’ (or lack thereof).

  • [API/Attachments] In the API, the attachments module now returns the storeage_sha1hash field. [#473]

  • [Attachments] When uploading new attachments (in UI or API), an empty SHA-1 hash will always fail a duplicate file check. [#476]

  • [Bots/Mail] In bots, on ‘Before message sent from worker’ events, fixed an issue with the ‘Replace text in message content’ action. If multiple replace actions occurred, the results were inconsistent. [#475]

  • [Worklists/Tickets/Bulk] On ticket worklists, when using bulk update, the ‘Move to:’ option always selects the default bucket for the current group. Previously, it was possible to bulk update with a blank bucket. [#471]