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Cerb (8.3.9) is a maintenance update released on June 27, 2018. It includes 9 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 8.3 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Performance/Log] In activity worklists, the entry: filter has been removed. This could cause full-table scans with a major negative performance impact on larger sites. Such searches can be performed more efficiently using the meta info. E.g. rather than searching for a wildcard like “you”, which isn’t even stored in the data, use actor.worker:(id:123)

  • [Bots/Custom Fields] Fixed an issue with conditions in bot behaviors. Conditions from record-link custom fields weren’t showing their options.

  • [Attachments/Cards] Fixed an issue with attachment cards where some file previews (like HTML) were being blocked by the browser’s X-Frame-Options rules.

  • [Setup/Mail] Fixed an issue in Setup. Leaving the ‘Incoming Mail’ page after selecting the ‘Import’ tab was returning to a blank page. This now properly returns to the ‘Incoming Mail’ page. [#684]

  • [Worklists/Tasks] On task worklists, records can now be subtotaled by ‘Owner’. [#678]

  • [Worklists/Tasks] On task worklists, records can now be subtotaled by ‘Importance’.

  • [API/Search] In the REST API, when performing a /rest/records/<record>/search.json, the page limit is returned in the response as well. This simplifies paging functionality. [#682]

  • [Records/Custom Records] Fixed an issue when creating/editing custom records. The label for the record ‘Alias’ field was misleading by stating dashes could be used, when only letters, numbers, and underscores can be. [#686]

  • [Bots] Fixed an issue in ticket-related bot behaviors where the ‘Ticket first resolution/response’ conditions weren’t matching properly. [#691]