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Cerb (9.5.4) is a maintenance update released on April 20, 2020. It includes 12 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 9.5 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Mail/UX] When replying to mail, the #delete_quote_from_here command now deletes the rest of the current line from the cursor, regardless of whether it begins with a > or not. The rest of the lines are filtered as before. This makes it easier to trim entire quoted blocks including the “Contact wrote:” heading, as well as partially quoting a longer line.

  • [Mail/Snippets] When composing and replying, the #snippet command can now be used in the middle of a line. Previously this removed all of the text on the current line. For instance, you can type “Our phone number is” and then #snippet phone to complete the sentence. [#1226]

  • [Mail/Snippets] Pasting a snippet no longer forces a newline at the end of the text. If the snippet contains one or more trailing newlines they will be preserved as-is. A snippet without a trailing newline will paste inline with the cursor at the end of the text. [#1053]

  • [Bots/Scripting] Added a |markdown_to_html filter to bot scripting. This converts Markdown formatting into HTML, which is particularly useful in profile custom widgets when dealing with data from remote APIs.

  • [Worklists/Behaviors] On scheduled behavior worklists, the behavior: filter is now capable of deep searching. Previously this just matched the name field on behaviors. Thanks to @mryanb for the suggestion.

  • [Mail/Snippets] When composing and replying, fixed an issue in some browsers where the Ctrl+Shift+Period shortcut inserted the #snippet command but didn’t open the autocomplete menu.

  • [Mail/Snippets] When composing and replying, fixed an issue when inserting a long snippet where the new cursor location wasn’t visible in the textarea if scrolling down was required. This scrolling now happens automatically. [#958]

  • [Mail/Images/UX] When composing, replying, or commenting, and inserting an image from the formatting toolbar, the cursor is now properly focused at the end of the inserted image text.

  • [Bots/Mail/Relay] In bot behaviors that relay mail to workers’ personal email accounts, the From: address is now a ticket’s group rather than the default sender. This makes it easier for workers to filter noteworthy messages and set up notifications. [#1265]

  • [Cards/Widgets] Fixed an issue with configuring ‘Record Fields’ card widgets when more than one card of the same record type was open.

  • [Developers/Platform/Javascript] Fixed an issue in the Devblocks.objectToFormData() helper. This wasn’t properly handling primitives in deeply nested arrays.

  • [Developers/Platform/Devblocks] Added an indentWith() method to the Devblocks strings library. This prefixes lines of text with an arbitrary marker.