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Cerb (9.6.3) is a maintenance update released on September 07, 2020. It includes 5 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 9.6 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Watchers] Fixed an issue on the watchers popup where workers with idle sessions were still counted as active. Thanks to @flexibits for the report!

  • [Mail/Reply/UX] When replying to mail with a #signature above the quoted text, there’s now a blank line again after the signature.

  • [Mobile/UX] When viewing ticket profile pages on a device with a narrow screen (e.g. smartphone in portrait orientation), messages, comments, and drafts are no longer indented from the left. The floating toolbars for these elements are slightly offset to the top to avoid covering other content. New CSS selectors can be targeted by a custom stylesheet (.cerb-comment, .cerb-draft, .cerb-message).

  • [Profiles] Fixed an issue with comment widgets on non-ticket profiles (e.g. tasks). Threaded comments were not being shown on initial page loads or refreshes, but only transiently after adding a new comment. [#1378]

  • [Mail/Behaviors] Fixed an issue in ‘Before message sent by worker’ behaviors where custom email headers were not being set or modified on outgoing compose or reply messages.