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Cerb (9.6.5) is a maintenance update released on October 13, 2020. It includes 8 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 9.6 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Records/Attachments] Fixed an issue where attachments on custom records weren’t visible by non-admins.

  • [Bots/Records] In bot behaviors, fixed an issue with conditions on the ‘phone’ and ‘mobile’ fields on org and worker records.

  • [Logins/UX] When clicking a link with a search query and no session, the query will now be properly preserved through the login process.

  • [Records/Validation] In the validation service, fixed an issue when non-string data was formatted in a string field.

  • [Comments/UX] When composing, replying, or commenting, the @mentions autocomplete menu now properly allows selection with <tab>. Previously using <tab> selected from the menu but then advanced to the next field. Thanks to 1Password for the report! [#1325]

  • [Mail/SMTP/OAuth] Mail transports can now use XOAUTH2 authentication for SMTP connections. This uses a linked OAuth2 connected account (e.g. Gmail, Microsoft O365). Many larger email providers are requiring OAuth2 authentication and retiring legacy passwords.

  • [Setup/Developers/Data Queries] In Setup->Developers->Data Query Tester, comments are now allowed with the bot scripting {# ... #} syntax.

  • [Bots/Custom Records/Notifications] Fixed an issue in bot behaviors when generating notification permalinks to custom records. This generated URLs like /profiles/custom_record/ rather than /profiles/{record_name}/. Thanks to @mryanb for reporting. [#1394]