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Tip: Clear the server-side cache

You’re probably familiar with the file cache in your web browser. It saves a temporary copy of website resources on your device to speed up subsequent network requests. This is useful for files that change infrequently, like images, stylesheets, fonts, and scripts.

Cerb uses a similar cache on the web server to speed up expensive operations like database queries.

You usually don’t have to think about the cache. When you modify records or upgrade, Cerb automatically clears the appropriate caches for you.

However, if you modify the database directly then you’ll need to clear the cache yourself.

Flushing the cache

  1. Click on the logo in the top left while logged into Cerb.

  2. Append update to the URL in your browser and press <ENTER>.

  3. This runs the updater and flushes the cache. After a few seconds you should be returned to your default page.

If you receive an error about your IP not being authorized, you can add it to the allowlist in Setup » Configure » Security.