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Cerb (10.3.6) is a maintenance update released on January 27, 2023. It includes 10 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.3 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Records/Resources] When creating a ‘Resource’ record, the content field can now be a Cerb URI referencing an automation resource (e.g. cerb:automation_resource:TOKEN). This streams content from the automation resource into the resource record; which makes it easier to work with large/binary files.

  • [Webhooks/Automations] Automation-backed webhooks may now return Cerb URIs for HTTP response body content. For instance, an automation resource (cerb:automation_resource:TOKEN) or resource (cerb:resource:NAME) record can be streamed as the output. This makes it much easier to work with large/binary content. [#1710]

  • [Automations/FileWrite] In automations, the file.write: command now supports appending to an existing automation resource record when providing a Cerb URI in the input:uri: field. For instance, this makes it possible to do an incremental export in a loop where each page of results is exported separately.

  • [Metrics/Data Queries] In metrics.timeseries data queries, the query: filter for a record-based dimension can now be a deep search. For instance: query:(worker:(group:Support)). [#1715]

  • [Data Queries/Metrics] In metrics.timeseries data queries, function:distinct now counts the number of distinct samples per bin and by: dimensions. For instance, the metric can be queried for how many distinct workers logged in on a given day over a month.


  • [Platform/PHP/Logging] Suppressed PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings in production. These are still raised in DEVELOPMENT_MODE.


  • [Behaviors/Logs] Fixed an issue with legacy group-owned behaviors (e.g. ticked assigned, moved, commented, closed) where the activity log could attribute the current worker rather than the bot for actions like commenting.

  • [Scheduler/Mailbox] Fixed an issue with checking POP3 mailboxes where the ‘Timeout’ setting could be manually set to 0 (from default 30). This wasn’t infinite, it just timed out very quickly.

  • [UI/Menu] Fixed an issue with the top pages navigation menu in some browsers. There could be a small gap between the page name and the menu, causing the menu to collapse if the mouse didn’t move quickly enough. [#1694]

  • [Data Queries/Metrics] Fixed an issue with metrics.timeseries data queries when aggregating with a period: of week, month, or year using dimensions.