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Cerb (7.0.1) is a maintenance update released on June 09, 2015; it contains 12 improvements from community feedback covering the 7.0 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [CHD-4096] [Mail/Parser/HTML] An incoming message with a blank HTML part will no longer generate an original_message.html attachment. This includes messages that are only whitespace with no printable characters.

  • [CHD-4107] [Worklists/Watchers/Recommendations/Usability] When clicking on a button in the Watchers or Recommendations column of a worklist, holding SHIFT will toggle the status of the current worker without having to open the popup.

  • [CHD-4105] [Groups/Responsibilities] Adding a new bucket will now default member responsibility to neutral for all active group members. Previously, these initial responsibilities were all set to zero.

  • [CHD-4104] [Worklists] Fixed an issue where custom worklists that prevent worker sorting could still be sorted by using presets.

  • [CHD-4090] [Mail/Relay] Added an option to Setup->Mail->Relay to disable the relay functionality entirely. When disabled, all relay messages are treated as incoming messages on a conversation instead.

  • [CHD-4086] [Mail/Parser] Fixed an issue where some obscure mail attachments were being saved without a name (e.g. message/feedback-report).

  • [CHD-4076] [Setup/Workers] Fixed a duplicate query issue when assigning email addresses to workers in certain conditions.

  • [CHD-3096] [Mail/Reply] Implemented a new ‘Reply to only these recipients’ option to the Reply menu on ticket messages. This uses the literal To:/Cc: headers from the quoted message (much like ‘reply to all’) rather than the ticket recipients list. This includes the From: sender in the To: line, and automatically filters out Cerb-controlled reply-to addresses (e.g. support@, sales@) and excluded recipients.

  • [Notifications/Virtual Attendants] Added a ‘url’ placeholder back to notification-based Virtual Attendant behaviors.

  • [CHD-4119] [Mail/Profiles] Fixed an issue where the ‘read all’ preference on ticket conversations wasn’t being utilized properly.

  • [CHD-4120] [Mail/Usability] The order of the ‘Recommended’ and ‘Watching’ buttons is now consistent between worklists, profiles, and peek popups.

  • [CHD-4084] [Virtual Attendants/Files] In Virtual Attendant behaviors, the ‘Send email’ and ‘Send email to recipients’ actions can now attach files to outgoing messages using file bundles.