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Cerb (7.0.2) is a maintenance update released on June 23, 2015; it contains 11 improvements from community feedback covering the 7.0 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Updater] Fixed an issue in the updater when upgrading from a version prior to 6.1 directly to 7.0+.

  • [Code Cleanup] Fixed a MySQL warning when deleting reply-to addresses.

  • [Web-API/Search/Custom Fields] When searching records through the Web-API, the results can now be sorted using custom fields.

  • [CHD-4126] [Install/Windows] Fixed an issue when installing Cerb on Windows. in some environments, the installer stops at step #5 with a blank screen. This was caused by inconsistent directory separators in various builds of PHP on Windows.

  • [Knowledgebase/Custom Fields/API] Custom fields and fieldsets now work properly on knowledgebase article worklists and through the API.

  • [Profiles/Workers/Responsibilities] Fixed an issue on worker profiles where the Responsibilities tab always displayed data for the logged in worker rather than the displayed one.

  • [Setup/Workers] Fixed an issue with worker worklists that prevented the (+) add icon from working properly.

  • [Workspaces/Dashboards/Pie Charts] Pie chart widgets on dashboards now properly load series-based data from URLs in JSON, XML, or CSV formats.

  • [CHD-4129] [Workspaces/Dashboards/Pie Charts] When a pie chart widget loads data from URLs in JSON or XML format, a ‘label’ property can be given to describe the subset.

  • [Workspaces/Dashboards] When using the ‘URL’ datasource on dashboard widgets, an option is now available to explicitly specify the format of the data (e.g. auto, JSON, XML, CSV, plaintext). Previously this was always auto-detected, but could cause problems if a web server returned the wrong content type header.

  • [CHD-4128] [Setup/Workers/Groups/Responsibilities] When adding new workers, their responsibilities will default to the midpoint for all buckets in their group memberships. Previously, these were being defaulted to no responsibilities at all, which confused new workers.