Cerb is more than just code, it's a philosophy about software development.

We believe in commercial open source

  • We’ve never felt entirely comfortable using tools that hide their source code, so we share 100% of ours on GitHub.
  • Our collaborative community shares thousands of critical eyes and minds, and shoddy work wouldn’t make it past their constructive scrutiny.
  • There will always be people who bypass the licensing, steal code, or copycat our innovative concepts. We’re not going to be paranoid about it and mistrust everyone.
  • If people have to be forced into financially supporting our work, then we went very wrong somewhere. Our target audience wants us to succeed.

We believe in agile development

  • We’re not interested in holding back useful improvements just to have a more marketable announcement.
  • We aim to publish updates every few weeks based on community feedback.
  • We don’t want to make hostages out of bug fixes and usability tweaks. We won’t charge you for them.
  • All of our development and planning tools are open to the community.

We believe in platforms and toolkits

  • There are hundreds of competing projects that are only interested in solving simple problems. We pick up where they left off.
  • We don’t want to build schizophrenic software that forces everyone’s conflicting opinions on each other.
  • We want you to see our work as a solid launch pad for the solution you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you add the finishing touches.
  • People are used to asking what software wants them to do. We believe in taking the time to educate people on how to take control.
  • It’s rewarding to see people using our tools to solve problems that we never anticipated in creative ways that we never thought of.

We believe software is art

  • Encyclopedia Britannica defines art as “A visual object or experience consciously created through an expression of skill or imagination.”
  • We feel so many other projects think art means “indulging fads with shiny interfaces”.
  • Subtle beauty is important, but it looks like clown makeup when aesthetics try to conceal a lack of depth – usability, flexibility, stability, scalability, and maintainability.