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Time Tracking

Name: Time Tracking
Identifier (ID): cerberusweb.timetracking
Author: Webgroup Media, LLC.
Path: features/cerberusweb.timetracking/

Track time spent on various helpdesk activities (replying to tickets, etc). This adds a Track Time button to Display Ticket and Organizations, and a Time Tracking tab to the Activity page.


Bot Event

Record custom behavior on time tracking entry event.macro.timetracking

Event Listener

Time Tracking Listener timetracking.listener.core

Page Section

Time Tracking Activity Section
Time Tracking Page Section cerberusweb.profiles.time_tracking

Page Type

Time Tracking Page

Prebody Renderer

Time Tracking Pre-body Renderer timetracking.renderer.prebody

Profile Script

Time Tracking Profile Script timetracking.profile_script.timer

Record Type

Time Tracking Activity cerberusweb.contexts.timetracking.activity
Time Tracking cerberusweb.contexts.timetracking

Reply Toolbar Item

Time Tracking Reply Toolbar Timer timetracking.reply.toolbaritem.timer

Rest API Controller

Time Tracking