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JIRA Integration (Legacy)

Name: JIRA Integration (Legacy)
Identifier (ID): wgm.jira
Author: Webgroup Media, LLC.
Path: storage/plugins/wgm.jira/

This plugin provides integration with Atlassian JIRA via their REST API. It is intended to be a bridge used by other plugins to communicate with JIRA services.


Bot Event

New JIRA issue wgmjira.event.issue.created
New comment on JIRA issue wgmjira.event.issue.commented
New status on JIRA issue wgmjira.event.issue.status.changed
Record custom behavior on JIRA issue event.macro.jira_issue
Record custom behavior on JIRA project event.macro.jira_project

Page Section

Jira Issue Section
Jira Project Section

Record Type

Jira Issue cerberusweb.contexts.jira.issue
Jira Project cerberusweb.contexts.jira.project

Scheduled Job

JIRA Synchronization wgmjira.cron

Search Schema

Jira Issues