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Cerb (10.1.2) is a maintenance update released on September 29, 2021. It includes 17 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.1 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.

  • [Automations/Validation] Fixed an issue where automation validation of the var.unset: command reported the output:, on_success:, and on_error: options as unknown.

  • [Automations/KATA] In automations, fixed an issue with var.unset: where a key part of 0 couldn’t be unset. For instance inputs:tickets:0.

  • [Sheets/Validation] Fixed an issue with sheet widget validation on the schema:layout:title_column: option.

  • [Records/Tickets/Avatars] When requesting a profile image for a ticket record, the image of its current group is returned.

  • [Records/Buckets/Avatars] When requesting a profile image for a bucket record, the image of its group is returned.

  • [Automations/Scripting] In automation scripting, added a |str_pos(needle,offset,ignoreCase) filter for returning the position of a substring (needle) within a larger text (haystack). This returns an integer position, or -1 when not found.

  • [Automations/Scripting] In automation scripting, added a |str_sub(from,to) filter for returning a substring from a larger string using starting and ending positions. This is an alternative to |slice(from,length).

  • [Automations] In automations, the var.push: command may now push an empty value: into a key:. Previously, the value was required to be non-null.

  • [Automations/UX] In interaction.worker automations, using an await:form: continuation, the autocompletion for sheet: elements with automation-backed data: now defaults to a fully working example using Previously, this had placeholder text.

  • [Sheets] Sheets using layout:style: grid can now properly bold@bool: yes columns.

  • [Data Queries] In record.types data queries, the record types are now properly sorted by plural label.

  • [Sheets] In sheets, a column with image@bool: yes now fetches profile images using a record alias (e.g. group) rather than extension ID (e.g. This is more consistent with the rest of the system and makes better use of the browser cache.

  • [Interactions] In interaction.worker automations, the editor will properly autocomplete sheet: options for: context, context_template, id, id_template, label, and label_template. Previously, this only autocompleted the context_key, id_key, and label_key options.

  • [Records] Fixed an issue with fetching record metadata for invalid IDs.

  • [Records/Tickets] When creating or modifying a ticket record, a bucket_id may now be provided without a group_id. The latter will be set automatically. In a high volume process, it’s recommended to provide both group_id and bucket_id to avoid the extra lookup.

  • [Behaviors/Comments] In bot behaviors, the ‘Create comment’ action can now enable Markdown formatting for the contents.

  • [Sheets] In sheets, card:, icon:, and text: columns can use a new icon:record_uri: option to display a record profile image rather than an icon. This takes a URI string (e.g. cerb:group:1). For instance, a sheet of ticket records can show their group icon next to the ticket label.