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Cerb (10.2.5) is a maintenance update released on July 13, 2022. It includes 22 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.2 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Dashboards] On dashboards, a chooser: prompt may now provide a default query: to filter the worklist popup.

  • [Dashboards/Prompts] On dashboard chooser: prompts with single selection, if a key name ends with an _id suffix then it now supports key expansion for all placeholders on that record type. For instance, a ‘Worker’ chooser can pass the selected worker’s email to widgets on the dashboard. Previously, these choosers only returned record IDs.

  • [KATA/Syntax] In KATA, a new @float annotation formats values as floating point numbers. This complements the @int and @bool annotations.

  • [Data Queries/Series] On worklist.series data queries, format:pie is now available. This rolls up the x-axis into series totals for visualizing as pie chart wedges.

  • [Automations] In automations using the var.set: command, a custom delimiter: may now be provided for key paths. This is useful when path element names contain the default delimiter (:), like with hour:minute timestamps.

  • [Dashboards/Prompts] On dashboards, prompts can now use placeholders for the current worker and workspace tab/page. For instance, a dashboard chooser prompt can provide a default query based on the owner of the workspace page. Thanks to 1Password for the feature request.

  • [Records/Custom Fields] In custom field record dictionaries, a new search_filter placeholder is populated with the legacy search filter name for the custom field. This makes it much easier to procedurally build search queries and data queries from automations. Thanks to 1Password for the feature request.

  • [Data Queries/Subtotals] In worklist.subtotal data queries, it is now possible to subtotal ticket records by the participant field.


  • [Performance] On record editors, owner chooser menus no longer show profile images. In large environments this could result in hundreds of requests on a cold cache and trigger rate-limits.

  • [Records/Search/Worklists] In record worklists, sorting a ‘Record Links’ column now orders by the number of links. Previously, this (less helpfully) sorted by linked record IDs. Thanks to Flexibits for the feature request and testing.

  • [Dashboards/Workspaces] On workspaces, ‘Interaction Toolbar’ widgets can now use dashboard prompt placeholders.

  • [Mail/Reply/Automations] In worker interactions on the mail.reply toolbar (email reply editor popup), a new caller_params.text placeholder includes the full text of the editor. Previously this only provided the selected_text. For instance, this change makes it easier to translate an entire message from the toolbar without having to select it first.


  • [API/OAuth2] Fixed an issue with manually generating OAuth2 tokens from Setup->Developers.

  • [Tickets/Automations] Fixed an issue with the bucket_id field not being set properly on ticket records from automations.

  • [Attachments/UX] On attachment cards, the ‘Download’ button no longer opens a new blank tab. [#1646]

  • [Mail/Drafts] Fixed an issue with sending a mail.transactional draft that has no recipients. This failed silently and removed the draft from the queue. Now the draft will remain in the failed state with an explanatory sticky note.

  • [Metrics/Data Queries] Fixed an issue with metrics.timeseries data queries where the min aggregation returned the same value as max.

  • [Setup/Sessions] Fixed an issue with deleting sessions from Setup->Security->Active Sessions.

  • [Metrics] Fixed an issue with creating new metrics that could break search popups. The issue could trigger by adding a new metric immediately after deleting another one, or by setting a description between 129-254 characters (a mismatch between the schema and validation).

  • [Search/Elasticsearch] Fixed an issue with searching using Elasticache. In PHP8, if there were no full-text results, an error could be returned rather than an empty list. Thanks to for the report.


  • [Security/Dependencies] Updated Smarty to 4.1.1 in response to a security advisory.

  • [Security/Dependencies] Updated Guzzlehttp to 6.5.8 in response to four security advisories.