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Cerb (10.3.3) is a maintenance update released on November 04, 2022. It includes 9 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.3 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Chart KATA] Chart KATA widgets can now specify formatters for the x and y axis labels in the axis:x:tick:format: option. There are formatters for number: (default), date:, and duration:. The duration: formatter defines a unit: (milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours) and a precision@int: to format a number like 1803 as 30m,3s. The number: and date: formatters provide a pattern: using d3.format() and strftime() specifiers respectively.

  • [Widgets/Sheets] On dashboards, sheet widgets now support the ‘Export Data’ feature in CSV and JSON formats. [#1623]

  • [Interactions/Worker] In interaction.worker automations, await:form:elements:text: prompts may now use type: password to obscure the input of sensitive information.


  • [Sheets] In sheets, the column parameter value_template: now always defaults to the @raw annotation. This preserves placeholders until each row is evaluated.

  • [Worklists/UX] When customizing a worklist, the available ‘Columns:’ fields are now displayed in columns when there are more than 15.


  • [Automations/Editor] Fixed an issue in the automation editor where autocompletion was giving suggestions while typing within a commented line.

  • [Automations/Editor] In the automation editor, fixed an issue where autocomplete suggestions weren’t offered when a partially typed new key followed an indented block.

  • [Chart KATA] Fixed an issue in Chart KATA when using a category axis and numeric labels (e.g. 2020, 2021, 2022).

  • [Chart KATA] In Chart KATA widgets, fixed an issue with ‘click-to-search’ functionality when using a dataQuery dataset with format:categories and a single by: grouping.