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Cerb (10.3.4) is a maintenance update released on November 26, 2022. It includes 15 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.3 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Chart KATA/Tooltips] On Chart KATA widgets, the tooltip: section now has a ratios@bool: option to display percentages next to each series in the tooltip. This is disabled by default. Thanks to @mryanb for the feature request!

  • [Chart KATA/Legends] In Chart KATA widgets, legends now support multiple styles like compact and table. The table style displays series vertically with totals.

  • [Chart KATA/Legends] In Chart KATA widgets, table legends can optionally also display series data in a grid.

  • [Chart KATA/Legends] In Chart KATA widgets, legends now group series on the same y1/y2 axis. This makes it easier to do comparisons, and also produces more sensible computations.

  • [Chart KATA/Legends] In Chart KATA widgets, table legends can compute and display any combination of avg, sum, min, and max across series.


  • [Profiles/Avatars] Fixed an issue with the profile image editor where monogram text didn’t use the full 256x256 resolution.

  • [UI/Popups] Fixed an issue with the new “Are you sure?” confirmation popup. Pressing ESC twice now properly aborts the confirmation and returns to the editor. Thanks to Flexibits for the request!

  • [Comments/Autocompletion] Fixed an issue when composing comments with an @mention where pressing ESC to ignore autocomplete suggestions also opened the “Are you sure you want to close this popup?” confirmation. Thanks to @Flexibits for the bug report!

  • [Mail/Drafts/Replies] Fixed an issue where duplicate replies could be sent (usually 2-4) if a worker very rapidly clicked on the ‘Resume’ button of a draft in the ticket timeline. This was difficult to reproduce even with known steps (our tests were successful less than 3% of the time), but it was directly observed having taken place very rarely in a busy environment. Network latency seems to have played a part. Thanks to 1Password for the bug report!

  • [Data Queries/Subtotals] Fixed an issue in worklist.subtotals data queries where a ‘Record Links’ custom field in by: only returned IDs and not labels.

  • [Queues/Performance] Improved the performance of the dequeue operation in queues. This now properly uses a database index to avoid table scans.

  • [Profiles/Links] Fixed an issue with the ‘Links’ menu on record profiles. Clicks were ignored unless they were directly on the menu item text. Thanks to ChargeOver for the bug report!

  • [Chart KATA] In Chart KATA widgets, fixed an issue with x-axis series consolidation. For instance, this could occur if a worklist.subtotals data query used @monthofyear with sparse results.

  • [PHP] Miscellaneous code cleanup for PHP 8.1.


  • [Security] Fixed a low-severity vulnerability that could only be exploited by an administrator. This will be disclosed at a later date once sufficient time has elapsed for self-hosted clients to update. We discovered the issue ourselves during a routine code audit.