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worker.authenticated automations are triggered when a worker successfully logs in.

This trigger uses event handler KATA, and all enabled automations are executed.


The automation dictionary starts with the following values:

Key Type Notes
inputs dictionary Custom input values from the caller.
client_browser_name string The client browser name (e.g. Safari).
client_browser_platform string The client browser platform (e.g. Macintosh).
client_browser_version string The client browser version.
client_ip string The client IP address.
worker_* record The worker record. Supports key expansion.



deny: If defined, the worker login is denied with the given error message. For instance, combine this with an approved list of known client IPs, or reject very old browser versions.
motd:button: The label of the button to acknowledge the MOTD (e.g. ‘I accept’). Defaults to ‘Continue’.
motd:message: An optional MOTD (Message of the Day) to display before logging in. Formatted with Markdown.