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automation.timer automations are executed by timers at a future time, or at various intervals. They support continuations to pause and resume between executions.

On the first invocation of the timer, an automation is selected using events KATA. This may optionally provide inputs.


The automation dictionary starts with the following values:

Key Type Notes
timer_* dictionary The parent timer dictionary
inputs dictionary Custom input values from the caller



When the automation pauses in the await state, the timer is rescheduled to continue at a future date.

Key Type Notes
until timestamp The future UNIX timestamp to resume the automation at the current point

  # Run some commands
    until@date: +5 mins


When the automation concludes:

  • If the timer has a recurring schedule, it is rescheduled for the next occurrence.

  • Otherwise, a one-shot timer is disabled (or optionally deleted) at conclusion.

    Key Type Notes
    delete bool true to delete the timer when complete