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Cerb Core

Name: Cerb Core
Identifier (ID): cerberusweb.core
Author: Webgroup Media, LLC.
Path: features/cerberusweb.core/

The core functionality of Cerb.


Bot Action

Classifier Prediction
Create Attachment
Create Reminder
Data Query
Email Parser
Get time elapsed using calendar availability
HTTP Request
Package Import
Record Create
Record Delete
Record Retrieve
Record Search
Record Update
Record Upsert
Schedule Proactive Interaction
Service AWS Get Pre-signed URL

Bot Event

After message sent from group member
After message sent from worker event.mail.after.sent
After ticket profile viewed by a worker event.ticket.viewed.worker
Before message sent from group member
Before message sent from worker event.mail.before.sent
Before new incoming message is accepted
Conversation assigned in group
Conversation closed in group
Conversation get interactions for worker event.interactions.get.worker
Conversation handle interaction with worker
Conversation moved in group
Conversation with worker
Custom API request event.api.custom_request
Dashboard get metric for widget event.dashboard.widget.get_metric
Dashboard render widget event.dashboard.widget.render
Data Query Datasource
Form interaction event.form.interaction.worker
New comment on conversation in group
New message added to ticket in this group
New message added to ticket event.mail.received
New message on a watched ticket event.mail.received.watcher
New notification for me event.notification.received.worker
New task created event.task.created.worker
Record changed event.record.changed
Record commented on event.comment.created.worker
Record custom behavior on bot
Record custom behavior on calendar event event.macro.calendar_event
Record custom behavior on calendar event.macro.calendar
Record custom behavior on contact
Record custom behavior on email address event.macro.address
Record custom behavior on group
Record custom behavior on message event.macro.message
Record custom behavior on notification event.macro.notification
Record custom behavior on organization
Record custom behavior on reminder event.macro.reminder
Record custom behavior on task event.macro.task
Record custom behavior on ticket event.macro.ticket
Record custom behavior on worker event.macro.worker
Recurrent behavior event.behavior.recurrent
[DEPRECATED] [UI] During a message reply event.mail.reply.during.ui.worker
[UI] Before composing a message reply event.mail.reply.pre.ui.worker
[UI] Before composing a new message event.mail.compose.pre.ui.worker
[UI] Record editor opened event.ui.card.editor.opened.worker
[UI] Render record worklist event.ui.worklist.render.worker
[UI] Respond to Ajax HTTP request event.ajax.request

Calendar Datasource

Calendar calendar.datasource.calendar
Worklist calendar.datasource.worklist

Connected Service Provider

Amazon Web Services
Cerb API (Legacy Signatures) cerb.service.provider.cerb.api.legacy
Facebook Pages wgm.facebook.pages.service.provider
HTTP Basic Authentication cerb.service.provider.http.basic
LDAP cerb.service.provider.ldap
OAuth1 Provider cerb.service.provider.oauth1
OAuth2 Provider cerb.service.provider.oauth2
OpenID Connect Identity Provider cerb.service.provider.oidc
SAML Identity Provider cerb.service.provider.saml.idp
Token Bearer cerb.service.provider.token.bearer


Avatars Controller core.controller.avatars
Cerb Controller
Debug Controller core.controller.debug
Explorer Controller core.controller.explorer
Files Controller core.controller.files
Internal Controller core.controller.internal
OAuth Controller core.controller.oauth
Portal Controller core.controller.portal
Resource Controller core.controller.resource
SSO Controller controller.sso
Scheduled Tasks (Cron) Controller core.controller.cron
UI Controller core.controller.ui

Custom Field Type

Latitude/Longitude cerb.custom_field.geo.point

Event Listener

Cerb Event Listener cerberusweb.listeners.event
Triggers Manager cerberusweb.listeners.triggers

Http Request Listener

Core Helpdesk Tour core.listeners.tour

Mail Transport Type

Null core.mail.transport.null
SMTP core.mail.transport.smtp

Page Section

Abstract Custom Record Section
Address Section
Attachment Section
Authentication Section
Avatars Section
Behavior Section
Bot Scripting Tester
Bot Section
Branding Section
Bucket Section
Cache Section
Calendar Event Section
Calendar Recurring Profile Section
Calendar Section
Classifier Class Section
Classifier Entity Section
Classifier Example Section
Classifier Section
Comment Section
Community Portal Section
Connected Account Section
Connected Service Section
Contact Section
Currency Section
Custom Field Section
Custom Fields Section
Custom Fieldset Section
Custom Record Section
Data Query Builder
Data Query Tester
Draft Section
Email Signature Section
File Bundle Section
Gpg Public Key Section
Group Section
HTML Template Section
Incoming Mail Section
Internal Section Calendars core.internal.section.calendars
Internal Section Custom Fieldsets core.internal.section.custom_fieldsets
Internal Section Skills core.internal.section.skills
Internal Section Watchers core.internal.section.watchers
Internal Section Workspaces core.internal.section.workspaces
License Section
Localization Section
Mail Transport Section
Mailbox Account Section
OAuth App Section
OAuth2 Token Generator
Organization Section
Outgoing Mail Section
Package Import Section
Package Library Section
Package Section
Plugin Library Section
Plugins Section
Profile Tab Section
Profile Widget Section
Records Section
Reminder Section
Role Section
Saved Search Section
Scheduled Behavior Section
Scheduled Behavior Section
Scheduler Section
Search Section
Security Section
Sessions Section
Skill Section
Skills Section
Skillset Section
Snippet Section
Snippets Section
Storage Attachments Section
Storage Content Section
Storage Profiles Section
Task Section
Team Section
Ticket Section
Worker Section
Workspace List Section
Workspace Page Section
Workspace Tab Section
Workspace Widget Section

Page Type

Contacts Page
Custom Pages
Display Ticket Page
Profiles Pages
Search Page
Setup Page
Signin Page
Tickets Page
Welcome Page

Profile Tab Type

Portal Configure
Portal Deploy
Worker Settings

Profile Widget Type

Behavior Tree
Calendar Availability
Chart: Categories
Chart: Pie
Chart: Scatterplot
Chart: Table
Chart: Time Series
Data Query Visualization
Form Interaction
Map: Geo Points
Record Fields
Ticket Conversation
Ticket Spam Analysis

Record Type

Activity Log cerberusweb.contexts.activity_log
Attachment cerberusweb.contexts.attachment
Behavior Scheduled cerberusweb.contexts.behavior.scheduled
Behavior cerberusweb.contexts.behavior
Bucket cerberusweb.contexts.bucket
Calendar Event cerberusweb.contexts.calendar_event
Calendar Recurring Event cerberusweb.contexts.calendar_event.recurring
Calendar cerberusweb.contexts.calendar
Classifier Classification cerberusweb.contexts.classifier.class
Classifier Entity cerberusweb.contexts.classifier.entity
Classifier Example cerberusweb.contexts.classifier.example
Classifier cerberusweb.contexts.classifier
Comment cerberusweb.contexts.comment
Connected Account cerberusweb.contexts.connected_account
Connected Service cerberusweb.contexts.connected_service
Currency cerberusweb.contexts.currency
Custom Field cerberusweb.contexts.custom_field
Custom Fieldset cerberusweb.contexts.custom_fieldset
Custom Record cerberusweb.contexts.custom_record
Draft cerberusweb.contexts.mail.draft
Email Address cerberusweb.contexts.address
Email Signature
Email Template cerberusweb.contexts.mail.html_template
Email Transport cerberusweb.contexts.mail.transport
File Bundle cerberusweb.contexts.file_bundle
Mailbox Account cerberusweb.contexts.mailbox
Message cerberusweb.contexts.message
Notification cerberusweb.contexts.notification
OAuth App
Package cerberusweb.contexts.package.library
Portal cerberusweb.contexts.portal
Profile Tab
Profile Widget cerberusweb.contexts.profile.widget
Public Key cerberusweb.contexts.gpg_public_key
Reminder cerberusweb.contexts.reminder
Role cerberusweb.contexts.role
Saved Search
Skill cerberusweb.contexts.skill
Skillset cerberusweb.contexts.skillset
Snippet cerberusweb.contexts.snippet
Task cerberusweb.contexts.task
Ticket cerberusweb.contexts.ticket
Worker cerberusweb.contexts.worker
Workspace Page
Workspace Tab
Workspace Widget cerberusweb.contexts.workspace.widget
Workspace Worklist cerberusweb.contexts.workspace.list

Scheduled Job

Bot Scheduled Behavior
Heartbeat cron.heartbeat
Inbound Email Message Processor cron.parser
Mail Queue Processor cron.mail_queue
Mailbox Checker and Email Downloader cron.mailbox
Maintenance cron.maint
Packages Importer cron.packages
Reminders cron.reminders
Search Indexer
Storage Manager

Search Schema

Comment Content
Email Addresses
Message Content
Plugin Library

Storage Schema

Message Content

Workspace Page Type


Workspace Tab Type


Workspace Widget Datasource

Bot Behavior
Data Query cerb.workspace.widget.datasource.data_query
Manual Input core.workspace.widget.datasource.manual
URL core.workspace.widget.datasource.url
Worklist (Metric) core.workspace.widget.datasource.worklist.metric
Worklist (Series) core.workspace.widget.datasource.worklist.series

Workspace Widget Type

(Deprecated) HTML/Javascript core.workspace.widget.custom_html
(Deprecated) Line/Bar Chart core.workspace.widget.chart
(Deprecated) Pie Chart core.workspace.widget.pie_chart
(Deprecated) Scatterplot core.workspace.widget.scatterplot
(Deprecated) Subtotals core.workspace.widget.subtotals
Bot Behavior Tree cerb.workspace.widget.behavior.tree
Bot Custom Widget
Calendar core.workspace.widget.calendar
Chart: Categories cerb.workspace.widget.chart.categories
Chart: Pie cerb.workspace.widget.chart.pie
Chart: Scatterplot cerb.workspace.widget.chart.scatterplot
Chart: Table cerb.workspace.widget.chart.table
Chart: Time Series cerb.workspace.widget.chart.timeseries
Clock core.workspace.widget.clock
Countdown core.workspace.widget.countdown
Counter core.workspace.widget.counter
Form Interaction core.workspace.widget.form_interaction
Gauge core.workspace.widget.gauge
Map: Geo Points
Record Fields core.workspace.widget.record.fields
Sheet core.workspace.widget.sheet
Worklist core.workspace.widget.worklist