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Scheduled Job

Name: Scheduled Job
Identifier (ID): cerberusweb.cron


		<extension point="cerberusweb.cron">
			<name>Mailbox Checker and Email Downloader</name>


class ExampleExtension extends CerberusCronPageExtension {
	public function configure($instance) {

	public function saveConfigurationAction() {


Bot Scheduled Behavior
Feeds Cron feeds.cron
Heartbeat cron.heartbeat
Inbound Email Message Processor cron.parser
JIRA Synchronization wgmjira.cron
Mail Queue Processor cron.mail_queue
Mailbox Checker and Email Downloader cron.mailbox
Maintenance cron.maint
Network and service monitoring cerberusweb.datacenter.sensors.cron
Notifications Emailer wgm.notifications.emailer.cron
Packages Importer cron.packages
Reminders cron.reminders
Search Indexer
Storage Manager
Twitter Checker wgmtwitter.cron