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Bot Event

Name: Bot Event
Identifier (ID): devblocks.event


		<extension point="devblocks.event">
			<name>Example bot event</name>
				<param key="contexts">
						<data key=""/>
						<data key=""/>
						<data key="cerberusweb.contexts.role"/>
						<data key="cerberusweb.contexts.worker"/>
				<param key="options">
						<data key="visibility"/>


  • contexts: This event is available for bots owned by one of these contexts.

  • These options configure the event:

    • visibility: The event has public/private variants. This is uncommon.


class Event_Example extends Extension_DevblocksEvent {
	const ID = '';

	 * @return Model_DevblocksEvent
	function generateSampleEventModel(Model_TriggerEvent $trigger) {
		$actions = [];
		return new Model_DevblocksEvent(
				'key' => 'value',
				'actions' => &$actions,
	public function renderEventParams(Model_TriggerEvent $trigger=null) {
	 * @param array $event_params
	 * @param string $error
	 * @return boolean
	public function prepareEventParams(Model_TriggerEvent $behavior=null, &$new_params, &$error) {
		$error = null;
		return true;

	public function setEvent(Model_DevblocksEvent $event_model=null, Model_TriggerEvent $trigger=null) {
		$labels = [];
		$values = [];
		 * Behavior
		$merge_labels = [];
		$merge_values = [];
		CerberusContexts::getContext(CerberusContexts::CONTEXT_BEHAVIOR, $trigger, $merge_labels, $merge_values, null, true);

			// Merge
		// [TODO] Register key/values from the event
		//@$value = $event_model->params['key'];
		//$labels['key'] = 'Key';
		//$values['key'] = $value;
		//$values['_actions'] =& $event_model->params['actions'];
		 * Return

	public function renderSimulatorTarget($trigger, $event_model) {
	function getValuesContexts($trigger) {
		$vals = array(
			'behavior_id' => [
				'label' => 'Behavior',
				'context' => CerberusContexts::CONTEXT_BEHAVIOR,
			'behavior_bot_id' => [
				'label' => 'Bot',
				'context' => CerberusContexts::CONTEXT_BOT,
		$vars = parent::getValuesContexts($trigger);
		$vals_to_ctx = array_merge($vals, $vars);
		DevblocksPlatform::sortObjects($vals_to_ctx, '[label]');
		return $vals_to_ctx;
	public function getConditionExtensions(Model_TriggerEvent $trigger) {
		$labels = $this->getLabels($trigger);
		$types = $this->getTypes();
		$labels['example_condition'] = 'Example Condition';
		$types['example_condition'] = null;
		$conditions = $this->_importLabelsTypesAsConditions($labels, $types);
		return $conditions;
	public function renderConditionExtension($token, $as_token, $trigger, $params=[], $seq=null) {
		$tpl = DevblocksPlatform::services()->template();
		$tpl->assign('params', $params);

		switch($as_token) {
			case 'example_condition':
				// [TODO] Render condition configuration template
	public function runConditionExtension($token, $as_token, $trigger, $params, DevblocksDictionaryDelegate $dict) {
		$pass = true;
		switch($as_token) {
			case 'example_condition':
				// [TODO] Implement condition logic
				$pass = true;
				$pass = false;
		return $pass;
	public function getActionExtensions(Model_TriggerEvent $trigger) {
		$actions =
				'example_action' => array('label' => 'Example Behavior Action'),
		return $actions;

	public function renderActionExtension($token, $trigger, $params=[], $seq=null) {
		$tpl = DevblocksPlatform::services()->template();
		$tpl->assign('params', $params);


		$labels = $this->getLabels($trigger);
		$tpl->assign('token_labels', $labels);
		switch($token) {
			case 'example_action':
				// [TODO] Render action configuration template

	protected function simulateActionExtension($token, $trigger, $params, DevblocksDictionaryDelegate $dict) {
		$out = null;
		switch($token) {
			case 'example_action':
				// [TODO] Output something
				$out = sprintf(">>> Output\n");
		return $out;
	public function runActionExtension($token, $trigger, $params, DevblocksDictionaryDelegate $dict) {
		switch($token) {
			case 'example_action':
				// [TODO] Do something


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