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Support Center Login Authenticator

Name: Support Center Login Authenticator
Identifier (ID): usermeet.login.authenticator


		<extension point="usermeet.login.authenticator">
				<param key="switcher_icon" value="images/fugue/address-book.png"/>
				<param key="switcher_label" value="Log in with LDAP"/>


class ExampleExtension extends Extension_ScLoginAuthenticator {
	 * draws html form for adding necessary settings (host, port, etc) to be stored in the db
	public function renderConfigForm(Model_CommunityTool $instance) {

	 * Receives posted config form, saves to manifest
	public function saveConfiguration(Model_CommunityTool $instance) {

	 * release any resources tied up by the authenticate process, if necessary
	public function signoff() {

	public function writeResponse(DevblocksHttpResponse $response) {


Cerb (Default) sc.login.auth.default
LDAP sc.login.auth.ldap