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Search logs

(Available in 10.4.9 or later)

GET /rest/automations/logs/search.json

Search automation logs.


Field Description Type
limit The number of results to display per page integer
page The page of results to display given limit integer
q Filters to add using a search query string

Query filters

Filter Type Description
automation:(name:) text The automation that output the log entry.
automation:(node:) text The path to the log: action in the automation.
created: date The date of the log entry.
id: number The log entry ID (useful for pagination).
level: text The severity of the log entry: error, warning, or debug. Match multiple like level:[warning,error] or exclude level:!debug.
message: text Match the automation log message with * wildcards.


$out = $cerb->get($base_url . 'automation/logs/search.json?q=level:error');