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mail.filter automation events can modify or reject an inbound message based on its properties (e.g. sender, subject, recipients, headers, body) before it is accepted.


The automation event dictionary starts with the following values:

Key Type Notes
email_sender_* record The sender email record. Supports key expansion.
email_subject text The message subject.
email_headers object A set of header/value pairs. Keys are lowercase with dashes as underscores (e.g. content_type).
email_body text The email body as plaintext.
email_body_html text The email body as HTML (if provided).
email_recipients array An array of recipient email addresses in the To:/Cc:/Envelope-To:/Delivered-To: headers.
parent_ticket_* record The parent ticket record (if a reply). Supports key expansion.


Key Type Notes
reject: bool true to reject delivery
set: object Modify properties of the inbound message


Key Type Notes
custom_fields: object An object of ticket custom field keys (ID/URIs) and values
email_body: string Rewrite the email plaintext body
email_body_html: string Rewrite the email HTML body
email_sender_org_id: number Link the sender address to an organization
email_subject: string Rewrite the email subject
headers: object An object of header keys (names) and values