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mail.reply.validate automation events implement interactive custom validators before replying to email. These automations have the same functionality as worker interactions.

For example, checking recent worker activity to avoid duplication of effort.

Interactive validators are configured on the mail.reply.validate automation event, and all enabled automations will run in sequence.

Through interactivity, a validator can allow a worker to bypass a warning and continue sending; whereas non-interactive custom validators would reject with an error message that a worker would have to correct before continuing.

While the most efficient option is to filter unneeded validators from the event, a mail.reply.validate automation that exits without an await: is silent and never opens the interaction popup.


The automation event dictionary starts with the following values:

Key Type Notes
caller_name string The caller which started the interaction.
caller_params dictionary Built-in parameters based on the caller type.
inputs dictionary Custom input values from the caller.
message_* record The message record. Supports key expansion.
worker_* record The active worker record. Supports key expansion.


Key Type Notes
reject: string If set, sending the message is aborted. If omitted, message sending continues.