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Bot Action

Name: Bot Action
Identifier (ID): devblocks.event.action


		<extension point="devblocks.event.action">
			<name>Example Bot Action</name>
				<param key="label" value="Example Bot Action"/>
				<param key="events">
						<data key="*"/>


  • label: The human-friendly name for this action shown in the actions menu when building bots.

  • events: The bot events where this action is available. One entry per data key. Wildcards can be used with an asterisk (*), and a single asterisk key adds the action to all events.


class BotAction_Example extends Extension_DevblocksEventAction {
	const ID = '';

	 * Render the behavior action's configuration template.
	public function render(Extension_DevblocksEvent $event, Model_TriggerEvent $trigger, $params=[], $seq=NULL) {
		$tpl = DevblocksPlatform::services()->template();
		$tpl->assign('params', $params);
			$tpl->assign('namePrefix', 'action'.$seq);

	 * Simulate the behavior action.
	public function simulate($token, Model_TriggerEvent $trigger, $params, DevblocksDictionaryDelegate $dict) {
		@$object_placeholder = $params['object_placeholder'] ?: '_placeholder';
		// Run the action in the simulator
		$this->run($token, $trigger, $params, $dict);
		// Return some simulator output
		$out = sprintf(">>> {{%s}}:\n%s\n",
		return $out;

	 * Run the behavior action.
	public function run($token, Model_TriggerEvent $trigger, $params, DevblocksDictionaryDelegate $dict) {
		@$object_placeholder = $params['object_placeholder'] ?: '_placeholder';
		@$content = $params['content'];
		$tpl_builder = DevblocksPlatform::services()->templateBuilder();
		$output = $tpl_builder->build($content, $dict);
		$dict->set($object_placeholder, $output);


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