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This page configures the mailboxes that will be checked for new mail.

It is highly recommended that you configure a single mailbox as a “dropbox”. You can redirect mail to a single mailbox even if you have dozens of email addresses.

For example, you can redirect and to

Your mail routing and filtering rules will still be able to identify the original destination. This is much more efficient than checking several mailboxes every few minutes.

If you're using Cerb Cloud, you can alternatively redirect your incoming mail to support@<you> for instant delivery. Replace <you> with the name of your instance. With this delivery method you won't need to set up a mailbox here.

Adding a mailbox

To add a new mailbox, click the (+) icon in the blue bar of the worklist.

A mailbox has the following fields:

  • Enabled

    If this checkbox is enabled then new mail will be downloaded from this mailbox. Otherwise, this mailbox will not be checked until it is re-enabled.

  • Nickname

    A friendly name to use for this mailbox when it is displayed in the interface.

  • Protocol

    The protocol to use when connecting to this mailbox. Use POP3-SSL1 unless you have a good reason to do otherwise.

    If you aren't using SSL then your password will be sent in cleartext. This might be a security issue depending on the network between your web server and mail server. Use SSL whenever possible.

  • Username

    The username used to authenticate access to this mailbox. Depending on your mail server, this may be a simple username (e.g. support) or an email address (e.g. If you aren’t sure, ask your system administrator.

  • Password

    The password used to authenticate access to this mailbox.

  • Port

    The network port2 to connect to on the mail server. If this field is left blank then the standard ports will be used by default. If your mail server uses a non-standard port then you will need to enter that number here.

  • Delete

    If this checkbox is selected then the mailbox will be deleted when you save. Deleting a mailbox will not affect any previously downloaded mail.

    Cerb deletes messages from your mailbox after it downloads them (unless the mail server prevents this behavior, like Google Apps). If this is not desirable, you should send a copy of all incoming email to a separate mailbox and add that to Cerb.

Testing a mailbox

You can verify your mailbox connection details by clicking the Test Mailbox button.


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