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mail.route automation events determine a destination group inbox given properties of an incoming message (e.g. sender, subject, recipients, headers, body).


The automation event dictionary starts with the following values:

Key Type Notes
email_sender_* record The sender email record. Supports key expansion.
email_subject text The message subject.
email_headers object A set of header/value pairs. Keys are lowercase with dashes as underscores (e.g. content_type).
email_body text The email body as plaintext.
email_body_html text The email body as HTML (if provided).
email_recipients array An array of recipient email addresses in the To:/Cc:/Envelope-To:/Delivered-To: headers.
parent_ticket_* record The parent ticket record (if a reply). Supports key expansion.


Key Type Notes
group_id: number The group ID to deliver the message to. Alternative to group_name.
group_name: string The group name to deliver the message to. Alternative to group_id.