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record.merge automation events can allow or reject a record merge request based on its properties (e.g. record type, records, source ids, target id, worker).

This occurs after merge mapping. A worker must still have permission to merge records in one of their roles.

This uses events KATA, and the first automation to return: is used.

For instance, a policy could require that tickets can only be merged if they share the same group or participants.


The automation event dictionary starts with the following values:

Key Type Notes
record_type_* text The record type being merged.
records records An array of record dictionaries to be merged.
source_ids array An array of record IDs being merged into target_id.
target_id id The destination record ID the source_ids will be merged into.
worker_* record The current worker dictionary. Supports key expansion.


Key Type Notes
deny: string If set, the merge is denied, and this key’s value is the displayed error message. If omitted the merge is allowed.