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Cerb (10.4.2) is a maintenance update released on September 07, 2023. It includes 13 minor features and fixes from community feedback covering the 10.4 update. You can follow these instructions to upgrade.



  • [Toolbars/Avatars] Added a new record.profile.image.editor toolbar. This is displayed on the record profile editor popup, and allows interaction.worker automations to generate profile images. For instance, creating images from text/emoji, file uploads, or APIs like Stable Diffusion. Interactions must return an image:url: or image:text: key. Built-in interactions are provided for text-based images, file uploads, and fetching images from an external URL. This improves on the previous built-in functionality by allowing admins to add custom logic to profile image creation – for instance, profanity and adult content filters.

  • [Connected Services/Packages] Added ‘’ to the package library when creating new connected services. This automatically configures a ‘Token Bearer’ service for access to Stable Diffusion image generation APIs.

  • [Records/Dictionaries] All record dictionaries now include a comment_count key expansion. This returns the number of comments on the record. For instance, a profile widget can be conditionally visible depending on the existence of comments. [#1736]

  • [UI/Images] Added an authenticated /ui/image/ endpoint for serving automation resources as PNG images. This is used by sheets and record profile images.

  • [Interactions/Worker] In interaction.worker automations, the file.upload: form element has an as: option for creating an automation_resource or attachment record. Previously only attachments were created, which was undesirable for temporary file uploads. This remains the default for backwards compatibility.

  • [Sheets/Icons] Sheet icon: columns may now directly display automation resources as images by providing their token. For instance, this makes it possible to generate images with an API like Stable Diffusion (or file upload) and then display them in a sheet.


  • [Cards/Profiles/Widgets] On card and profile ‘Automation’ widgets, the current record_ dictionary is now available as a default input. The input is blank on workspace widgets. Thanks to @flexibits for the suggestion.

  • [Automations] In automations, the file.write: command now returns a token key in its output. This previously had to be parsed out of the uri identifier.

  • [Records/Cards/UX] When editing a record from a card, the profile image now refreshes immediately when it was changed. This is implemented for: custom records, bots, contacts, groups, orgs, roles, and workers.

  • [Automations/KATA] In automations, when using @json annotation, any values with a key-expansion dictionary value will now be preserved. Previously these were converted into objects and key expansion no longer functioned.


  • [SSO/OIDC] Fixed an issue with OpenID Connect SSO (single sign-on) logins after a phpseclib library update.

  • [Automations] In automations, fixed an issue with the file.write: command where content:bytes: only worked with ZIP file output. It’s now possible to provide content as either bytes: or text: interchangeably.

  • [Roles] Fixed a permissions check issue when a non-admin worker is a member of a role with ‘All’ permissions. Depending on the order the roles are checked, this can return void rather than the expected true. Thanks to @tomryder-inspirenet for the bug report and patch! [#1739]